Topics: River Thames, Hampton Court Palace, Jerome K. Jerome Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Three men in a boat It is a extremely interesting piece of story. The central characters of the story are George, Harris, Jerome k. Jerome & Montmorency. All of the characters are very interesting and nostalgic which adds spice to the story. They think different ways to enjoy themselves. After giving consideration to different options. They finally decided to go on a boating trip to soothe their nerves. They make extensive preparations in this regard. They take every possible thing they might require during the whole trip. After that they decide to embark on the trip. In this trip they create different funny situations which look quite hilarious at times. Harris is extremely lazy and always we see that he is sleeping in the story. The other characters have not got any peculiar thing except Montmorency. Jerome k. Jerome says that when he bought that dog he thought that he is very simple animal but he had to change his ideas when in no time he killed a 12 chickens and 2 cats. I was termed murder by the lady who owned the cats. On their boating trip they stayed at different hotels& different unique situations arose from them. Their hotel ling experiences were quite horrible &dreaded. They were forced to remember the forgettable events of George father being thrown out the bed and the vice versa alike. the humorous situation makes the reader to laugh whole heartedly. The opening up of fruit can without any result makes the reader to enjoy the story more. The different tricks and the tracts employed by the different characters makes us to love the tale all the more. The cooking up of eggs by Harris and the way he dances around when the fire touches his hands makes the reader enjoy the tale and love the way of description. Another important event to be noted is that when the boat hit the bank at Hampton court palace at the side of river Thames. Harris remembers of an interesting event. He remembers once he happened to be in a maze & some other people were also him. He...
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