Edwin Hubble

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Born in Marshfield, Missouri on November 20,1889. Living with both of his parents and his seven siblings. At a young age he particularly enjoyed science, especially reading science fiction novels by Jules Verne. Particularly 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and From the Earth to the Moon. At the age of 10 Hubble, and his family moved to Chicago,Illinois. There he attend school and later to University. Not only Edwin was an academically good student, he excelled at sports particularly track and field, having broken the Illinois State high jump record.

By 1906 Hubble received a scholarship to University of Chicago. While attending school he worked as a lab assistant in the field of physics under the name of Robert Millikan. When later Millikan won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his measurement of electronic charge. In 1910 Hubble enrolled into Oxford University where he studied law for three years. Not happy with being a lawyer he later received his astronomy doctorate in 1917.Shortly after Hubble was recruited by California's Mount Wilson Observatory. But, before starting his new career he enlisted in the U.S army in World War 1. Hubble was commissioned a Captain, and served in the 343rd infantry and rose to the rank of Major. After the war, he did take a job at Mt. Wilson.

While working at Mt. Wilson, Hubble proved that there were other galaxies existed, outside the Milky Way. By taking many photographs through the 100-inch reflecting Hooker telescope he devised a classification system for the various galaxies he observed. He divided galaxies into elliptical,spiral,barred spirals, and irregular galaxies.Not only that but, he sorted the galaxies by shape,brightness, and distance; it was then he noticed redshifts in galaxies’ light emissions were moving away from each other at a linear rate of the distance...
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