Edward T. Hall

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As a small peninsula in the Persian Gulf, Qatar has since unique culture. Next we come to explore how the cultural background of the country under Qatar. Qatar is an advocate of Islamic countries, in a constitutional monarchy system of the country; Qatar's overall human culture is quite conservative. As a Muslim reasons, women low or underground, women can no longer be a public place, see passengers can not see off. However, this does not hamper the enthusiasm of the Qatari’s. For foreign people, they are always warm, generous, and hospitable. Qatar is a high-context culture country, unlike the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries as the open. As an Asian country, the exchange is still relatively restrained subtle. A type of national culture and national culture are inseparable. (Anon.,2012)High context culture indirectly to express their ideas, unlike the low-context culture as a direct expresses their ideas. Such a subtle manner it does not appear to be hasty and abrupt. Obviously, as a high-context culture country, from Qatar's diplomacy, we will be able to see it this side. It is a holding of the country of the foreign policy of neutrality. Makes its diplomatic achievements of its international status has been greatly improved. Of course, unique culture, and he can not do without. Just like the people of Qatar, their emphasis on communication and exchange between friends, in order to better maintain a relationship lasting, their language will be relatively subtle. High context culture, the constitutional monarchy of Qatar power all concentrated in together. From the law and order in this country, we can see that it has the quality, people sometimes casually agreement a success. In short, the Qatar national culture and its faith provides a stepping stone for its cultural context and high-context culture makes this country a better interpretation. In the Edward Hall’s cultural dimensions, the second analysis of culture is space. The...

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First, look at the papers contents of this panel discussion. Introduce one none of us are familiar with and understand the country as a discussion of object, so we choose Qatar, a small country in Asia. For a country, it certainly has its own unique charm and characteristics. Although Qatar is a small peninsula country, it has deep roots in his national culture. For a country folk, we not only from the country 's basic national conditions but also need human culture from its point of view. In this matter, I am responsible to write about Edward Hall cultural content. The content is involving a total of three aspects of the cultural dimension. They are context, space and time. By analyzing these three elements, first of all I need to know what the basic national conditions and human culture Qatar National. Through awareness Qatar, in order to know all aspects of its political, military, education, interpersonal, etc. Of course, more than just to see Qatar 's official data, in order to in-depth understanding of this country, we need to see reviews about Qatar. I understand these are summarized wrote then that the three aspects related with the content. Read for Qatar introduction of Qatar this small Gulf state had unprecedented understanding. Each country has its own unique culture, into a nation, a country, we need to do is to respect their culture.
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