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edward scissorhands

Topics: Othello, Iago, Desdemona, 2002 albums, Woman, Thing / Pages: 2 (355 words) / Published: Dec 20th, 2013
We instantly scan people for some characteristic we like and then we latch on to it.
Social expectations we are all trained in from a young age, Edwards problem is that he isn’t used to this. He has to be taught all these things.
Each group of friends and family has little expectations .
Edward has a lady who comes
Edward and Othello are treated really well until they provide an advantage to society, once this benefit is complete these people are thrown out like trash.
Still a delineation between a man and a woman.
Othello just expects her to obey him no matter what.
Edward is not believed when he says she was seducing me , he is not believed because he is different.
Othello and Edward are both subjected to perspective.
They all believe Desdemona deserves better than Othello, and the girl deserves better than Edward. They are both obviously different and are therefore excluded.
Because you have a heritage from another country you must be born there.
Alienating someone can really affect their identity.
If one person starts to doubt one person it gets contagious. Iago puts enough doubt on Othello to lead and the weird lady makes everyone turn against Edward.
Once people can make other people see them differently
Seed of doubt, once that gets planted that’s when the trouble starts.
The only woman that understands Edward is that woman, who is mothered by her
Othello – you never hear that he can go and talk to someone when things go wrong. Edward has no one either.
Edward has the woman who seems a bit naïve but Othello has literally no one.
Othello sees himself as an outsider- the whole out of my league thing- he cant believe that Desdemona has married me
He sees himself as a rough, baboon soldier, this is evident when he apologises for his speech
If you don’t know the rules then you become the outsider
If it doesn’t agree with their thinking they will change things to make things work for them.
People that feel like outsiders, are easy to take advantage

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