Edward scissorhands

Topics: Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands, Hand Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: November 8, 2013

Monster or Misunderstood?

The life of Edward Scissorhands can’t be compared to the life of another. With the appearance of a monster found in a comic book, Edward is a great example of what an outcast looks like. In the movie, Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton uses various techniques to show the out casting differences. There are many examples of Edward’s eerie appearance shown against the inviting pastels of the town suggesting how different he is. From dressing himself to feeding himself, Edward is a great example of an out casted character. Burton uses the contrast of colors to show how different Edward is compared to everyone else in town. When Peg first brings Edward into the community, his appearance creates a very dark and scary aura as opposed to the houses and cars which are very colorful and inviting. Another example of color contrasting is when everyone met at the barbeque and Edward is the only one who dresses in black clothes suggesting that he presents different and uninviting vibes. The transition from his spine-shilling mansion to the pleasant neighborhood shows the diversity between the color pallets. The distinct colors are one way to separate Edward from everybody else. Another way Burton shows Edward as an outcast is using the motif of hands suggesting that hands are the main difference setting Edward apart from the community. When Peg first goes up to Edward’s mansion, the main bush sculpture is a human hand. Because the hand is the focal point in the garden, it suggests that it is an important element. When Edward creates any bush sculptures that would normally have hands, he does not include them in order to show the difference between normal and not normal. This shows that the hands are the particular element of difference. During the film, the police officer refers to Edward as “..the man with the hands..” when talking to the family. But, when talking to the rest of the community, the officer refers to him as “..the man with the...
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