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Compensation Fact Sheet
Competitive Compensation*
Edward Jones’ performance-based compensation program is designed to support Financial Advisors as they transition careers and build their professional practice. Compensation may include: •Trainee Pay •Salary •Commissions •Bonuses •Profit Sharing •Travel Program and the type of product. Commission payout ranges are generally as follows:

Financial Advisor

Commission Payout Range
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 and beyond 18% – 20% 22% – 25% 27% – 30% 36% – 40%

You have the potential to receive several bonuses throughout the first few years while you build your professional practice, including: •Bonuses for completing training and obtaining licenses. •Milestone bonuses paid every four months to Financial Advisors whose performance is 75% or more of standard. Financial Advisors who are at 100% or more of standard may receive an enhanced milestone bonus. •New asset bonuses paid monthly, based on the accumulation of new assets. •Deferred bonuses earned and paid every four months in years four, five and six, based on new assets gathered in the first three years. •Profitability cash bonuses earned and paid by trimester, based on branch and firm profitability.

Trainee Pay and Salary
While studying for your licenses and training, you will receive an hourly rate. As you begin building your professional practice, Edward Jones provides a salary to help create growing and stable earnings in the early stages of your career. Your starting salary as a new Financial Advisor is determined by your experience and income prior to joining the firm. Your salary amount will adjust as you move toward a compensation based more on commissions and bonuses. Salaries are adjusted based on performance standards for the first two years. By the third year, you typically have built a steady book of business and will transition away from a salary. (However, Edward Jones ensures that each

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