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Unique perspectives
on the Indian
education sector
Monograph: May 2011
About Eduvisors:
Eduvisors is a business research and consulting firm
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Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

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1. Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation: An Overview
2. CCE Introduced and Implemented: Timeline

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3. How CCE addresses the Shortcomings of the Traditional Education System? 4. Details on Comprehensive Evaluation
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CCE: An Overview
What is CCE?
CCE refers Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation, a system of school based assessment that covers all the aspects of a student’s development. It was designed to reduce the student stress related to board exams, and to introduce a uniform and comprehensive pattern for student evaluation across the country. It emphasizes on two broad objectives: (a) Continuity in Evaluation and (b) Assessment of broad based learning. Clearly, it attempts to shift emphasis from ‘testing’ to ‘holistic learning’ with an aim of creating young adults, possessing appropriate skills and desirable qualities in addition to academic excellence.

Objectives of CCE  Encourage development of congnitive skills and de-emphasize rote learning  Make the entire education process a student-centeric activity  Help develop cognitive, psychomotor and interpersonal skills  Make holistic evaluation an integral part of entire education process  Improve student's accomplishments through regular diagnostics and remedial instructions  Use evaluation to control quality and maintain desired performance  Take decisions about the learner, learning process and learning environment by determining social utility, desirability & effectiveness of the programme

CCE Introduced and Implemented: Timeline






India’s HRD Minister, Mr Kapil Sibal
introduced CCE methodology for CBSE
schools while making Class X board
examinations optional
The Board decided to extend CCE to
classes VI to VIII

CBSE had introduced & implemented
CCE in primary classes (I to V) doing
away with the terminal examinations

The CCE pattern took almost a year
to get rolled out, and was actually
implemented from September 2009
for students in IXth standard
CCE to extend to class X while
making board exams optional

How CCE addresses the Shortcomings of the Traditional Education System?

Shortcoming of
the Traditional

Provided by

1. Focuses only on the end term
examination and evaluates only
Scholastic aspects of education

2. Declares results of the students
as “pass” or “fail” on the basis
of their marks leading to
undesirable competition among

Focuses equally on both scholastic
and co-scholastic areas of
development of the students, thus
taking into account the holistic
development of the students

Shifts the focus of the education
community from marks to grades
thereby reducing pressure, of
getting “good marks”, on students
from their...
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