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Introduction 2

I. Question 1 2

a. Assessment Task 1: the educator assessment 2

b. Assessment Task 2: peer assessment 7

c. Assessment Task 3: self assessment/reflection 9

II. Question 2 12

a. Assessment Task 1 and Design an Assessment Checklist 12

b. Assessment Task 2 and Design an Assessment Grid 13

c. Assessment Task 3 and Design a Rubric 14

III. Bibliography 15



Assessment is an integral part of Outcome Based Education.
Assessment provides information about what learners learn and the process which takes place (Dreyer 2014: 6). Assessment also establishes what is taught and how it’s taught (Dreyer 2014: 6).

Within this assignment, you will find the exploration of three different assessment strategies and the utilisation of three different assessment tools. In addition, this assignment will demonstrate an understanding of assessor strategies and assessor tools.

Question 1:

Describe three separate Assessment tasks/ activities your learners have to do in Life Orientation and also those which you/ your learners have to assess.

Assessment Task 1: The Educator Assessment

1. Describe the subject/ learning area, lesson topic and grade to be assessed.
The Life Orientation topic will be 'Development of the self in

Bibliography: 1. Dreyer, J. 2014. The educator as assessor. Pretoria: Van Schaik 2. Schoeman, S. 2006. Learning area didactics: Teaching Life Orientation. Pretoria: University of South Africa 3. Tutorial letter 101/3/2014. The Educator as assessor

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