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Topics: Lego, Education, Toy block Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: August 8, 2007
Toys have always played an important role in the growth and development of a child. Many of today's leading toy manufacturers have designed toys for children of specific age groups. This is an advantage to one who is selecting a child's toy. In the past, toys were mainly used to keep a child entertained. In recent years, how ever, more emphasis is being placed upon the use of educational toys. In this society, where children are learning more rapidly that children of the past learned, it is extremely important that one select a toy that can be helpful to a child's educational process. Consequently, toy manufacturers are designing toys that can aid a child in learning to initiate action, to take care of themselves, and to discover and repair breakdowns of the toy. For example, give a 3-month-old baby a Fisher-Price rattle and watch all that she does with it—she shakes it and listens to its sound, she transfers it from one hand to the other and repeats the procedure, she brings it to her mouth and 'tastes' it, she drops it and watches where it goes. This toy can aid children in learning to initiate action. For instance, like the Leapfrog stuff animal it has a jacket that zips up with pockets and buttons and it also wears tennis shoes with laces all those things teaches a child how to take care of them self. Also, give a child a Lego building blocks that toy will allow the child to built cars, buildings or what ever their imagination maybe. That is considered a toy that can aid children to discover and repair break downs of the toy. Selecting a child's toy should always be taken seriously. One must consider the child's age and his abilities. The wrong toy can result in the child's becoming frustrated and angered if the toy is too difficult for him to operate. But the right toy for the right child can provide hours of entertaining and learning experiences for him.
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