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Educational System in the Philippines

By kianaumali Aug 22, 2014 1625 Words
Philippine School of Interior Design—Ahlen Institute
Lot 15, Blk. 86 – Phase V, AFPOVAI, Bayani Road
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

What Ails the Philippine Society Today?
The Current Education System in the Philippines

Submitted By: Kiana Miguela B. Umali
Submitted To: Ms. Maria Congee Gomez
June 28, 2014
Education—a single word that branches out to countless opportunities and prospects that can lead each and every individual to a greater and brighter future. Learning is one of our sources of gaining and being enlightened with knowledge, development and improvement that is of course given to us by our facilitators or teachers. Yet, we cannot say that we gain knowledge only inside our schools, but rather in the daily basis of our lives—this could possibly be when we encounter new thing; if we are currently facing a challenge or when we have successfully conquered one. “Knowledge is power” and so does the person whom hold this treasure. We all know that education is important for everyone, and it is essential for each to successfully attend school. It is truly important for it is our rope to the goals that we desire to reach, and without it, we wouldn’t be able to contribute to and within our society. Education has changed drastically over the years, given the fact that our world becomes more and more advanced with technology. This equipment’s are used not only for transportation or communication but rather is applied as well to most schools in the Philippines. A great deal of institutes uses tablets as a replacement for books—now they could hold 5 books and several notebooks in one piece of technology, not only that, but they could possibly do multiple activities with this such as writing reminders, playing educational games, and it could also be a way to communicate with fellow students and teachers. Furthermore, Philippines are enhancing its educational system by adapting the K-12 system that most countries have. ‘Through this program, people may expect better-trained citizens who could be competitive with knowledge and skills’. (

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