educational reform

Topics: Peer-to-peer, Internet, Instant messaging Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: September 29, 2013
The subject of educational reform in light of the internet generation is one that is both controversial and thought provoking. When you look at quality of sources books are reputable but persistently outdated; the internet is updated constantly and cost-effective. The internet also provides incomparable numbers of sources for information, whereas a classroom has a regimented set of curriculum support from books and handouts. Classroom settings also only provide a peer to peer connection in eyesight, with a narrow scope of life experiences to diversify opinions. The internet is in no way crippled in that way, and diversity promotes creativity and growth. These reasons alone are enough of a reason why I believe that education is better provided when offered over the internet.

When it comes to current information on the internet, there are a wealth of places that can further your research and provide a plethora of knowledge for free. Books in classrooms aren't anywhere near free and the books are written from some time before the turn of the millennium, if not before the nineties. Books are constantly being re-written, too; they aren't a cost-effective means of conveying information anymore. The internet is always being updated and peer-reviewed for accuracy, and you obviously don't have to buy it every time a new source is introduced.

In classrooms, the teacher provides information through mediums of leaflets, books, printed handouts and movies. Setting aside the previously conveyed points of cost and out dated information, these methods are also narrowed in scope simply by the fact that it is regimented. Simply put, if the teacher doesn't provide another means of the information, the students aren't guaranteed to get enough. The internet is frequently akin to an ocean of information, everywhere you look you can find sources and studies, and quite often you can gain the same ideas provided in the source material and then some because there is an...
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