Educational Psychology Essay

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Education most definitely plays a key role in building the future of our nation but many learners are still lacking the fundamentals of a basic quality education. The South African Constitution Act was passed in 1996 and came into operation on 4 February 1997 [26] (Duma, 1995). Chapter 2 of this Act contains the Bill of Rights in which the State guarantees the protection of individual’s fundamental rights (Duma, 1995). Section 29 talks about the right to Education (Duma, 1995). This section recognizes that every person has a right to basic education and to equal access to educational institutions (Duma, 1995). It is clearly evident though that this has not taken place because black learners, especially in the rural areas are not receiving the necessary quality education that they are entitled to.

Many schools in the rural areas still lack basic facilities such as running water, toilets, desks and electricity (Seroto, 2004). To worsen the situation some schools are built only of mud (Finnemore, 2009). Many township schools are in a serious state of dilapidation, partly due to theft of infrastructure and other forms of vandalism (Seroto, 2004). The shortage of classrooms, equipment and other teaching resources is evident in many schools today (Finnemore, 2009). Poor school management practices and dysfunctional teacher evaluation are contributory factors (Finnemore, 2009). The poor state of our school buildings and facilities is reflective of the current budgetary crisis (Tedla, 1995).

This lack of access to resources and materials by children in the rural areas leads to inequalities within our education system. Children in urban areas and white schools have access to a better quality education than children in the rural black areas. These inequalities today may be as a result of the Bantu education system. There has been inequality of access to education between the white and black schools in the past, and the evidence is brought forth when the political instability led to the disruptions of schools and centres for political indoctrination, leading to strikes and class boycotts, with the aim of demanding a change in the Black institutions of learning (Sedibe, 2011). According to teachers in Kwa-Mashu schools the core of all the problems facing schools today was the whole system of Bantu Education (Sedibe, 2011). This implies that what is presently happening in schools today is the result of years of oppressive education (Sedibe, 2011). Due to inadequate and unequal access of resources these schools in rural areas cannot function effectively (Sedibe, 2011). It is therefore the responsibility of the Department of Education to supply adequate resources and make them available to all schools equally, in order to enhance a culture of teaching and learning within schools (Sedibe, 2011). This is a very important issue that needs to be taken seriously if we are talking about investing in the future of our children. This means that rural areas need much more support from government than urban areas do in terms of education. They need to be allocated a fair share of the budget that will help remedy the bad conditions they are faced with. This can be achieved by providing them with all the necessary learning resources they need, which in turn will enable them to adequately equip themselves and thus guarantee them a bright future.

Another issue that arises in our schools today is having teachers who are either unqualified or under-qualified. This was as a result of the closure of most mission schools and teacher training facilities in 1953 which forced all teacher training into racially separated government training colleges, geared to extending the mass base of Bantu Education (Douglas, 2005). Since other professions were closed to them on racial or economic grounds, many people of colour became teachers by default (Douglas, 2005). As a result, under-qualified, unqualified and even...
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