Educational Psychology and Practice

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e: /mb/JH/DPS PCET Practice of Teaching 200933
e: /mb/JH/DPS PCET Practice of Teaching 200933
Professional Standards for Teachers, Tutors and Trainers in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Teachers in the lifelong learning sector value all learners individually and equally. They are committed to lifelong learning and professional development and strive for continuous improvement through reflective practice. The key purpose of the teacher is to create effective and stimulating opportunities for learning through high quality teaching that enables the development and progression of all learners.

These are the overarching professional standards for all those who teach in the lifelong learning sector.

Domain AProfessional values and practice

Domain BLearning and Teaching

Domain CSpecialist learning and teaching

Domain DPlanning for learning

Domain EAssessment for learning

Domain FAccess and progression


S = Scope; K = Knowledge; P = Practice

e: /mb/JH/DPS PCET Practice of Teaching 200934
e: /mb/JH/DPS PCET Practice of Teaching 200934
Domain A: Professional values and practice

The practice of teaching is underpinned by a set of professional values that should be observed by all teachers, tutors and trainers in all settings. This domain sets the standards for these values and their associated commitments.

Teachers in the lifelong sector value:

AS 1All learners, their progress and development, their learning goals and aspirations and the experience they bring to their learning.

AS 2Learning, its potential to benefit people emotionally, intellectually, socially and economically, and its contribution to community sustainability.

AS 3Equality, diversity and inclusion in relation to learners, the workforce, and the community.

AS 4Reflection and evaluation of their own practice and their continuing professional development as teachers.

AS 5Collaboration with other individuals, groups and/or organisations with a legitimate interest in the progress and development of learners.

They are committed to:

AS 6The application of agreed codes of practice and the maintenance of a safe environment.

AS 7Improving the quality of their practice.

Professional Knowledge and Understanding
e: /mb/JH/DPS PCET Practice of Teaching 200935
e: /mb/JH/DPS PCET Practice of Teaching 200935

Teachers in the lifelong learning sector know and understand:

AK 1.1What motivates learners to learn and the importance of learners’ experience and aspirations

AK 2.1Ways in which learning has the potential to change lives.
AK 2.2Ways in which learning promotes the emotional, intellectual, social and economic well being of individuals and the population as a whole.

AK 3.1Issues of equality, diversity and inclusion.

AK 4.1Principles, frameworks and theories which underpin good practice in learning and teaching.
AK 4.2The impact of own practice on individuals and their learning.
AK 4.3Ways to reflect, evaluate and use research to develop own practice, and to share good practice with others.

AK 5.1Ways to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and/or others to enhance learners’ experience.
AK 5.2The need for confidentiality, respect and trust in communicating with others about learners.

AK 6.1Relevant statutory requirements and codes of practice.
AK 6.2Ways to apply relevant statutory requirements and the underpinning principles.

AK 7.1Organisational systems and processes for recording learner information.
AK 7.2Own role in the quality cycle.
AK 7.3Ways to implement improvements based on feedback received.

e: /mb/JH/DPS PCET Practice of Teaching 200936
e: /mb/JH/DPS PCET Practice of Teaching 200936
Domain A: Professional Values Professional Practice
AP 1.1 Encourage the development and progression of all learners...
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