Educational Psychology and Lifelong Learning Sector

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Certificate in Education: Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector or
Professional Graduate Certificate in Education: Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Individual Learning Plan
Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector module


Introduction 3

Guidance for Completion of Numeracy and Literacy Tests 4

Section 1
Learners Details6
Learning Biography7

Initial Assessment Action Plan9

PTLLS Essay and Reflections on PTLLS11

Section 216
Micro Teach – Lesson plan 17
Micro Teach Tutor Feedback19

Self-Reflection of Micro-Teach20

Overview of the module:

This module looks at the diverse nature of the Lifelong Learning Sector and in particular focuses on the roles, responsibilities and relationships for teaching within the sector. It will provide you with an introduction to the principles of planning and preparing for teaching, learning and assessment, It will include ideas about how people learn, the learning cycle, domains of learning, models of good teaching, the physical environment and learning resources. The module also asks you to plan and prepare a microteach exercise which will be assessed by your tutor and observed by peers.

Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) is a relatively new qualification which, in 2010 will become the minimum standard qualification when working in a teaching/training/education environment.

This module contains five main areas:

• Roles and responsibilities
• Approaches to teaching and learning
• Planning sessions
• Inclusive learning – managing the environment, motivating and including learners • Assessment and record keeping

Each area relates directly to the role of the teacher (or trainer or instructor) and provides basic information required to be effective in the role and to ensure learners’ needs are recognised and met.

This Individual Learning Plan (ILP) forms part of the requirements for the module but will also be used as a baseline to build and record development points, strengths and achievements throughout your Cert Ed/PGCE. The learning biography is required to be completed by hand the rest of the booklet can be word processed (an electronic copy is available on the VLE).

During the module assessment has three main sections:
1. Complete the ILP sections
2. Prepare, deliver, observe and reflect on the micro-teach activity 3. Complete a 1000 word essay which is referenced – Titled: What are the Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships for teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector Guidance for Completion of Numeracy and Literacy Tests

Your centre will timetable access to the BKSB Diagnostic testing for Literacy and Numeracy. Once you have completed these tests the printed results will identify ‘where you are now’ with regards to your skills competency in literacy and numeracy. The diagnostic results will identify your strengths and areas for development. You should use this information to inform your personal action plan.

You can up-date your personal action plan by using the Learning and Skills website ‘Move-On’ to continually test your skills. Please use the helpful guide below to access the site:

You will find the tests on .

When entering this site follow the options to ‘Take Test’. Two Mini Tests exist, numeracy and literacy. You should complete both Mini Tests to give you an indication of your current level (1 or 2). Your overall goal is to achieve Level 2 in each skills area.

After each there is an option to ‘Continue’ – click on this. It takes you to the registration page which requires you to complete some details. Then select the ‘Fast Track’ option.

Your next option is to ‘Register’ using the...
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