Educational Policies and Procedures

Topics: Exercise, Education, Physical education Pages: 3 (1311 words) Published: January 10, 2007
Policies and Procedures
1.The philosophy that I choose for my Physical Education Program would be the enjoyment of leisure activities for a lifetime. As a teacher I feel that my job is to teach the students how to make physical education a part of their life. The more I think about it I see that it is not all about teams sport as much as it is having the students develop a "womb to tomb" mentality. 2.The curriculum objectives of my Physical Education Program will include safe participation, improving fitness levels, maintain a lifetime of activity, and exhibit responsible behavior. First of all I want to make sure that my students are not getting injured. I want them all to participate in games that are fun and safe. I also want them to be exercising. This is P.E. class and I want the kids to maintain some kind of a fitness level. The goal of my program is to promote activity for a lifetime, so I am going to choose games and activities that can be used outside of school and for the rest of the students' lives. Finally, I would like to teach my students responsibility. I would like the games I play and the way I teach to help my students develop discipline and responsibility. Those are the things that I will ask myself when developing my own curriculum. 3.The scope of my P.E. Program would be team sports, dance, aquatics, games, fitness, individual sports, and outdoor adventure in that order. I believe that keeping the individual activities towards the end of the semester will stress to students that just because school is over doesn't mean that they have to stop exercising. This will give the students some ideas for their summers and for the rest of their life. In the team sports unit we will play games like; basketball, baseball, football, floor hockey, and speedball. We will then do line dancing, square dancing and ballroom dancing in our dance unit. For aquatics we will try and just get exercise by working on the different types of...
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