Educational Mindset

Topics: Failure, Success, Golf Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Growth by most definitions is an increase of some sort or another. Growth means starting at one point and continually achieving more over time. The growth mindset is no different. The concept of the growth mindset is that over time and throughout one’s life, they continually adapt, change, and achieve a higher level of understanding about themselves and how they perceive themselves. This growth is due to the fact that they are generally able to identify their faults and weaknesses as well as understand their strengths. They accept the fact that they have these deficiencies, however, they are not satisfied with them, therefore they attempt to fix them or change them. This mindset that one is never done growing, learning, developing or bettering themselves is the basis for the “growth mindset” and the epitome of what these types of individuals stand for. The ideal example of a person that would have to have a growth mindset is a golfer. Every golfer knows that they could always do better the next time. Whether it be a missed put or a shanked nine iron, there is no such thing as a perfect round. Without a growth mindset, an individual would just give up after their first round. They live by the motto that failure isn’t okay, but it isn’t the end either. They will try over and over again, hoping to achieve a different and better outcome the next time. No outcome is fixed in the eyes of these individuals. In the eyes of individuals with a “fixed mindset”, the outcome is what it is. If the outcome is not a complete success, it is a complete failure. There is little to no middle ground for people with a fixed mindset. These are the people who often get great grades, have great performances, and are told all their life that they are great individuals. These feelings of greatness are completely demolished as soon as these individuals encounter any amount of failure or let down. To people with a fixed mindset, things are usually black or white, seldom do...
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