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Educational Leadership
My concept of educational leadership
Educational leadership in a school system refers to the promoting of the success of all students by the school administrator by establishing learning goals of the institution. The leadership should entail development and implementation of a vision of learning that the school community supports and shares. This vision will serve as guidance and monitoring the governance of the school by the administrator. The school administrator should ensure success of all students by advocating and nurturing a school culture and instructional programs to monitor student learning and promote staff growth. The instructional programs should have a curriculum that enables the students’ access to knowledge out of their classwork to enhance their development. The educational leader also has a responsibility for managing the organization effectively by ensuring the resources are efficient and conducive to provide a suitable learning environment for the students that do not limit their acquaintance of knowledge. He or she should also mobilize community resources, collaborate with community members and families and meeting the community’s needs and interests. Collaboration with all these parties will necessitate effective transformational change in schools leading to the development of the institution. In addition, educational leadership should have leaders who act fairly and ethically in tackling issues, have integrity and respond and influence significant economic, legal, social and cultural context (ISSLC Standards 1-7). Principles and best practices in my administration journey

As a school administrator, I can only lead an institution effectively by embracing certain values while in power in order to bring about organizational development. These values will monitor my attempts in managing change in the learning organization. These developments; as a result, will affect the systemic transformational change positively. One of these values includes effective communication among the administrator, the staff, and the community members. In order for change to be possible, many stakeholders must take part in evaluating the necessary sectors of change (ISSLC Standards 3). The journey towards this change of an ideal future of a school system is dangerous and challenging; therefore, the need for effective communication between these parties involved in the transformation to effectively achieve our goals towards change. I should also have effective negotiation and consensus-building skills in leading a school system effectively in order to solve problems and conflicts effectively. These skills will help me in building a sense of leading the institution towards the alteration of the school system’s culture by changing the institutional processes, products and behaviors. I should also possess the knowledge and understanding of the leadership related aspects to be on track in living up to the mission and vision of the school. I should understand the growth and development of students, diversity in the educational programs provided and the role of technology in enhancing professional growth and student learning (ISSLC Standards 3-4). The knowledge in the three areas will maximize the provision of quality education that involves extensive learning in the school leading to the development of students who are all rounded. As an educational leader, I should also have an understanding of the principles that will promote professionalism in my administration. I should have the knowledge of principles and issues related to security and school safety, financial operations related to school management and the utilization of space and school facilities. Finally, as an administrator, I should have an understanding of the community resources, the emerging trends and issues that affect the school community positively. I should then...

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