Educational issues
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U03a1 Essay Rough Draft, Summary & Response
January 28, 2013

In the writing, “Teaching Tolerance in America”, it argue how the schools struggles through education. Some schools are doing away with graduation test and just completed the end of the course tests. There have been several school that have had issues with passing there graduation tests, violence, sexual activities, social, and the media (Devlin, 2011). The writer, Devlin, (2011) argues that America is the land of opportunity, the land we can be judged. I agree with the author 100%. Today’s world should be better than it is, we should have better behavior in schools or any public place. When I was attending high school, the class size was maxed; kids today are dropping out of school or having issues within the school. Within the last couple of months we have had massive shooting in schools, maybe it’s because the person have had problems with someone within the school district or another student at the school. The things that tends to be an issue is bullying in the school, standardized testing, and no child is left behind. These three things are big issues in schools today.
Many of these drastic measures of bullying have results in suicide and/ or murder.
Van de Kolk, McFarlane, and Weisaeth (2007) explain, “Trauma in childhood can disrupt normal developmental process.” Because of their dependence on their caregivers, their incomplete biological development, and their immature concepts of themselves and their surroundings, children have unique patterns of reaction and needs for intervention. Many of the children who are affected by traumatic stressors such as bullying can have their developmental processes and part of their affected by traumatic events (Ziegler, 2002). If the president has taken a strong stance on the issue of bullying, he stated, “We’ve got to dispel this myth that bullying is just a normal of passage” (Anderson, 2010). Many

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