Educational Debate Persuasive

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School Uniforms

Malinda Sanders


February 10, 2013

Brock Blassigame

Are uniforms a way to improve discipline and motivation?

The answer to this question is yes. In the United States and other countries, children wear uniforms to school. Most private schools require children to wear uniforms to school and some public school also required children to wear uniforms to school. School uniforms come with great benefits as well. School uniforms improve behavior and attendances in students, make students feel safe, and it is a lot less expensive than regular school clothing. Even though wearing school uniforms may lack students to express themselves, they are a good way to improve discipline and motivation.

Schools with a uniform policy have students behave a lot better than student with a no school uniform policy. Students that wear school uniforms improve their behavior in so many ways. It reduces bullying in schools, less violence, and gangs in schools. Schools with uniform policy would worry about breaking the rules. Schools with a uniform policy don’t have to worry about girls wearing inappropriate attire and don’t worry about boys wearing baggy and saggy pants. A study showed that students wearing uniforms behaviors and discipline outcomes. According to Seunghee, “Hughes conducted a survey in 2006 and found that a uniform policy influenced discipline referrals”. (Seunghee, 2010) There was also a survey with students and teachers from six middle schools with students wearing uniforms and show a reduction of gangs in the schools. Students that wear uniforms to school don’t have to worry about being bullied at school because every student is wearing the same clothes in school. Gangs are everywhere in schools. Most gangs represent a certain color. When a school has a uniform policy, gangs reduce because every student is wearing the same color. When every student is wearing same clothes, bullies are not able to talking about other student’s clothes differences. School uniforms give students’ self-esteem a boost. In 1996 President Bill Clinton’s State of the Union speech he says he thinks that wearing school uniforms want keep children from killing each other. Students in a school with a uniform policy worry less about clothes and worry more about succeeding in school. According to You Debate in 2011 of March, 71% percent of people thought that a school uniform policy would improve schools ( When the public system in Long Beach, California had a uniform policy for some elementary and middle schools in 1996, they hoped that it would have a lot less problem with school crime and violence. They did a review two years later and they found that it had a large decrease in crime and violence with schools with a uniform policy and had a big increase in crime and violence with schools with no uniform policy. (Pike, 2011) When students wear uniforms at school they don’t have to worry about peer pressure. When schools have a uniform policy, students’ attendance improves also. When a student don’t have to worry about being bullied that can come to school with any fear. Attending school will help the students succeeding because they don’t have to worry about making up their school work. Since boys don’t care too much about their looks, attendance wasn’t a problem for them. Girls, on the other hand, care a lot about looks and attendance for them started increases once school adopted the uniform policy.

Parents want their child/children to feel safe where ever they go to school and a student wants to feel safe when they go to school. Students that wear uniforms will feel much safer at school than a student that is not wearing a uniform. For an example, faculty, staff, and administrators, can recognize, trespassers, students that don’t attend, and people that stand out in the crowd when the school have a uniform policy. When schools with uniform policy go on...
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