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Philosophical Foundations of Education
Unit – 1
Ravinder Pal Kaur
Lecturer TSCER

Introduction:- Man is always curious to know:
his origin,
his aim,
his relationship with god,
his destiny etc. &
this constant effort of man to understand reality may be termed as philosophy. It is an attempt to unfold life‟s mysteries and find meaning in them. Hence it is called the Mother of all Arts and the Science of all Sciences.  Etymological meaning:Greek origin :- „Philos‟ + „Sophia‟ (Love)


i.e. Philosophy = love for wisdom.
Sanskrit origin :- „drish‟ = „to see‟
i.e. Darshan = knowledge of reality.
 Definitions
Indian philosophers:
Dr. Radhakrishnan - Philosophy is a logical inquiry into the nature of reality. Dr. Baldev upadhyaya - Methodical training or „Sadhana‟. Humayun Kabir – Philosophy seeks to give knowledge of the whole. Western Philosophers:

Raymant : An unceasing effort to discover the general truth that lies behind the particular facts.
John Dewey: Critical reviewing of the familiar things.

Ravinder Pal Kaur


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Paper I.I

Philosophical Foundations of Education

Alexander: It is metaphysics & also an attempt to study comprehensive topics like reality and universe.
Nature of philosophy:
1) Philosophy is systematic enquiry about the ultimate reality of the universe. 2) Philosophy is study of general principles & understanding of all that comes in the range of human experience.

Educational Implications
1) Purpose of schooling:
Promotes spiritual & intellectual development; Produce competent & selfactualized adults who become useful citizens of the state. 2) Curriculum:
Stresses the eternal ideas of the past (great works of literature, philosophy, politics, history & the art) Preferred methods of instruction: lecture, discussion, reflection & the socratic method (dialogue)

3) Nature of Learner: Every student has a mind, soul, and spirit capable of emulating the Absolute Mind, absorbing ideas from books & teachers. 4) Role of teacher:
Role model with logical thinking & reasoning; Authority with extensive knowledge about the great books.

Relationship between philosophy and education
There is a wide and close relationship between education and philosophy. Both philosophy and education are integrally and independently related to each other.

Ravinder Pal Kaur


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Paper I.I

Philosophical Foundations of Education

The following are a few viewpoints that establish the relationship between philosophy and education:
View of Ross: “Philosophy and education are the two sides of the same coin; the former is the contemplative while the latter is the active side”. View of John Dewey: John Dewey endorses the viewpoint of Ross when he says, “Philosophy is the theory of education in its most general phase”. Fichte’s view: “The art of education will never attain complete clearness without philosophy”.

Spencer’s view: “True education is practicable to true philosophers”. Gentile’s view: “Education without philosophy would mean a failure to understand the precise nature of education”.
Education is dependent on philosophy due to following reasons: Philosophy determines the real destination towards which education has to go: Philosophy has always inspired educational theory as well as practice. It determines the real destination towards which education has to go. In the words of Dewey: “Education is laboratory in which philosophic distinctions become concrete, and are tested”.

Philosophy is wisdom; education transmits that wisdom from one generation to the other. Philosophy represents a system of thought; education embraces that thought in the content of instruction. Philosophy embodies a way of life; education is the preparation for life. Philosophy is the knowledge obtained by natural reason; education is the development of that reason and other powers of mind.

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