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For many years education has been viewed different. The structure of education has changed through time. But how should we be taught? Do we need “structure”?
Colin Powell believes that education would be 10x better if we had structure. He explains schools today are lacking structure. Powell says uniforms and preparation for standardized test will help children succeed in life. Powell has expectations for ordinary children to act stern and serious like the children he teaches in the military. But in other cases, Maria Montessori believes that children shouldn’t have “structure”. Montessori feels it is necessary for teachers to guide their children without letting them feel your presence too much. She explains that enthusiasm and creativity will stimulate children’s minds. Even though Powell and Montessori have all the good intentions of helping their students, they different in teaching structure. Remember Powell thinks the solution to better education is intensive structure and Montessori thinks no structure would be the key to better education, but is there anyways that is on the fence about this topic?

Of course, Ken Robinson is in the middle for change the educational system. He video “Changing the Paradigm” explains that there are two problems with the educational system, economic and cultural. He explains that the economic pays way too much for schools when less than half of the students in free school actually succeed after graduation. The students that set themselves out for disappointment are the ones who don’t concentrate in school. We leave a world of technology; iphones, video games, and etc. that being the a class learn about things that are eventually leading up to standardized testing is not going to help change the paradigm. The solution is to think more creatively, an example will be letting children find more than one answer to a question or loosing up the structure with...
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