Education: To Study Overseas or at Home?

Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: October 24, 2014
As education is becoming increasingly important, students start to look for efficient ways to gain more knowledge. Studying abroad in Western countries is one consideration of many Asian students. That is why, in the article, “Overseas students have their hearts in the right place”, written by Dr. B. Western, published in “Victorian Lecturers’ Academy” brochure, the author argues that Asian students should study at Western universities abroad because of the benefits it brings. On the contrary, according to professor Max Earning, the author of the article “Home is where the heart is”, published in “Thames Educational Society” magazine, students should not go abroad to study. This essay will critically respond to the authors’ ideas. While Western claims that Western universities abroad have better education quality than those in Asian countries, Earning mentions that the teaching standards in Western universities in Asian countries is just as good as those abroad and also helps students to save money. Earning makes a more persuasive point than Earning when he argues that the teaching standards in Western universities in Asian countries are equally as good as those in Western universities. In fact, many international universities in Asian countries are able to supply the same teaching methods as the headquarters in Western countries. For instance, lecturers at RMIT Vietnam are as knowledgeable as those at RMIT Australia.They have up to date teaching methods because they used to be educated in the West. Therefore, these teaching methods are equal to those in Western countries. They have masters degrees or even higher and many years of teaching experience. Due to this, if students graduate from RMIT Vietnam, the degree they obtain will have equal value to an Australian degree. In additional, Western neglects to mention that if Asian students study at Western universities in their home countries, they are able to save more money as Earning argues. Parents and...
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