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education "the help"

By mariajosecs Aug 21, 2014 695 Words
Education is more than a school issue
Education and learning have been always important for society because is thanks to that how we act and interact with other people. And “The Help” is a novel of education, meaning that the main characters undergo a series of gripping adventures that open their eyes to new truths and their lives to new opportunities. In the process, they act as educators, using storytelling, story writing, and devious pranks to effect positive change in their community. The characters that demonstrate it best during the story are Aiblileen with Mae Mobley and Skeeter with Constantine. This book looks at attitudes toward education and the unequal access to education in general for black citizens of Jackson. And even when some colored women would be well educated like Yul May the racism happening wouldn’t let them be anything else than a maid. College for Jackson's white women is more of a place to find a husband than a place to get a good education. Skeeter is even considered a failure at college because she didn't find a husband. Minny and Aibileen both have little formal education but are both very literate in terms of literature and current events, more so at times than many of their white bosses, especially the female ones and even with this they wouldn’t be consider able to do anything else and without even chance to demonstrate her intellectual prowess again “ “You're the smartest one in my class, Aibileen," she said. "And the only way you're going to stay sharp is to and write every day." So I start writing my prayers down instead a sayin em. But nobody call me smart since.” Skeeter has a close relationship with the black woman hired to care for her, Constantine. She's almost six feet tall and has incurably "kinky" hair, which she describes as "more pubic than cranial". She doesn't exactly fit into the ideals of beauty of her society. So Constantine taught her to love herself and not to buy into racial prejudices and to have her own opinions; “All my life I'd been told what to believe about politics, coloreds, being a girl. But with Constantine's thumb pressed in my hand, I realized I actually had a choice about what to believe.” The lessons about love, kindness, and self-worth that Skeeter learns from Constantine give her the courage to challenge the injustices she sees in her community. Aibileen, a colored maid, is a smart and strong woman who has raised seventeen white kids through her life. But after her son Treelore died she wanted a change “After my boy died, a bitter seed was planted inside of me. And I just didn't feel so accepting anymore.” She starts that change when she realizes that she has the power to influence the future for generations by what she does or doesn't teach the white children she cares for. Therefor Aibileen teaches Mae Mobley about civil rights and equality through stories, games, and plain talk. One of the most wickedly hilarious moments in the novel revolves around this stories Aibileen tells Mae Mobley, whose favorite show is My Favorite Martian, to teach her about Martin Luther King, Jr.: "One day, a wise Martian come down to Earth to teach us people a thing or two." "What's his name?"

"Martian Luther King.… He a real nice Martian, Mister King.… but sometime, people looked at him funny and sometime, well, he downright mean." "Why Aibee? Why was they so mean to him?"

"Cause he was green.”
From her point of view, it's also her duty to instill in the little girl a sense of self-worth witch she does by telling her “You a smart girl. You a kind girl, Mae Mobley. You hear me?" And I keep saying it till she repeats it back to me.” As often as she can. Mae Mobley is neglected and physically and verbally abused by her mother Elizabeth. Aibileen believes that if she teaches love, kindness, and equality, there's a chance that Mae Mobley will grow up to be someone who will use her position in society to make it better and more just.

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