Education System

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sysThe present system of education in India focuses too much on facts and figures. It thus kills creativity and analytical and reasoning skills among children. conceptual education needs to be encouraged where the concepts are taught fully by bringing in live examples and anecdotes that help in content assimilation and absorption among the children. Students should not be encouraged to mug up mere texts as is done at present. The education system in India lacks many advancements and it continues to be traditional. Though there are some learning centers such as the IITs and the IIMs which continue to deliver world-class, high quality education, several flaws exist in the system. There is a very distinct difference between the education system in India and the US. While the Indian education system is knowledge centric, the American system is enquiry centric. Whereas the Indian system accumulates knowledge, the American system centers on the application of knowledge. It shows that the Indian system is theory centric where as the US system is practical oriented. in India, enough stress is not laid on the practical application of a theory learnt. Students go with the fatalistic assumption that the theory, if put to practice, will work. Mostly they do not try it or test it. This is an attitude that needs to be changed. Another problem with the present system is the lack of good quality teachers as the job is not very paying. There is a shortage of qualified, trained, and experienced teachers as one goes to teaching when he is not able to get a high paid corporate job and thus teaching has come to being the last resort sort of a career. The contrast would be very clear when we compare this with a very peculiar practice in the Gurukul system that India had, at least in the Takshsila gurukul. From the passing out students, one or two students those who were the top of the class- were retained to teach at the Gurukul. The best were to teach. In primary and secondary...
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