Education Reform

Topics: Education, Standardized test, School Pages: 4 (716 words) Published: October 14, 2014
Neila Espin Pd. 4 - Education Reform Essay

After viewing The Education of Michelle Rhee, I started to think about how different aspects of the public education system could impact the effectiveness of that system. My first thoughts on Michelle’s plans to reform education in the Washington D.C. school district were optimistic. I thought that she had some breakthrough ideas that would really turn the schools around in time. Firing incompetent teachers and principals seemed like an extremely effective plan. But, with teachers becoming scared of being terminated and Rhee offering cash prizes to high scoring schools, staff started resulting to any means to raise their test scores. Some schools did raise their scores honestly and managed to maintain those scores, but these scores still remain among the lowest in the country. I believe that Rhee’s attempt at improving the education of D.C. students failed overall. Though I feel that Rhee didn’t succeed in her goal, I do agree that a great teacher is an extremely important asset in the education of young people. In my career as a student I have come across some teachers who were awful at their job. These teachers could not keep control of their class or they just didn’t have effective methods of teaching. Though I have had some bad experiences with my teachers in the past, I have had many more teachers who really cared about their students and did an amazing job at making their course enjoyable as well as educational. I don’t think it’s fair that students have to be lucky enough to have great teachers. Amazing teachers should be guaranteed to all students. The only way to fulfill this guarantee is to carry out proper teacher evaluation. Michelle Rhee’s method had to do with student test scores. In Geoffrey Canada’s article on teacher accountability, he writes that at his schools, teachers are evaluated through performance data of students. He also uses student progress as an evaluation tool and that he keeps an eye...
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