Education Is a Tool That Turns Mirrors Into Windows

Topics: Education, World War II, Learning Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: September 9, 2010
"Education is a tool that turns mirrors into windows."

I find this phrase to be extremely true. All my life, I've discovered new theories and facts by simply examining the world around me. However, I didn't know the reasoning behind said theories and facts until a teacher happened to touch upon them during one of my lessons or I stumbled over them in one of my books; and if it wasn't explained to the extent of my liking, I pestered or researched. I’m naturally a curious creature; if something crops up during a conversation that I don’t know anything about, I’ll jot a mental note and ask about whatever was mentioned at the end of the conversation.

Also, education is not limited to what is taught in the classrooms of the world every day. Education can hide behind the mask of talking with your grandfather about the tour he completed during World War II, cleaning out the attic, or even just trying out a new recipe. Throughout my life, I’ve learned from everyone around me, from my little sister to my college professor grandfather. Even people who have hurt me and who I cannot stand to be around have taught me things; patience, forgiveness, and how not to act. We learn more and more about the world around us every minute. No human can ever know everything about how the world works; there’s too much to know. Nonetheless, that’s not a reason to stop or limit your learning.

Even the scientist with the wall of diplomas in his office can learn from his two year old daughter how beautiful the world can be. The majority of the highly educated population could learn to not take life’s simple pleasures for granted and to live outside of the test tubes they are paid for abusing. There’s a mirror turned clear. On the opposite end, however, the under-educated could learn to take the initiative and better their lives for themselves and for their families. In today’s world, a college diploma is almost necessary for economic survival. For someone to...
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