Education Is Key

Topics: Parenting, Teenage pregnancy, Childhood Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: June 4, 2013
Education is Key
Dear New Review;
I am writing on behalf of the adolescent girls growing up in South Douglas County, OR. Beauty in our community is found in the rolling mountains, clear flowing rivers, and endless Douglas fir trees. The small rural population is comprised of hard workers and children who play in the seemingly endless summer and grow up to fill the shoes of their parents. During these wonder years, all children go through puberty. The adolescent years (10-15) are a time of intense emotional and physical change, especially for girls.

Girls across the nation face specific challenges during these years. Their brains are growing in specific areas, at different rates that trigger the secretion of hormones. This great change in hormone levels changes them. Daughters often exhibit behaviors that can appear alien like in nature and can create a large divide between the young girl and her parent(s). What we as parents need to know is that puberty is a time for change in order to prepare our daughters for the challenges of adulthood. There is a perfectly logical explanation for those days when your daughter wants her independence, more privacy, argumentativeness, experimentation, and her over-judgment of others. Michael Gurian, the author of “The Wonder of Girls.” Has studied the nature of girls for many years and has concluded that puberty is perhaps the most frightening episode of life a girl experiences. Girls in this stage of life are very “vulnerable, emotionally, and physically.” These girls must be guided and held through such a difficult time in their lives but what we find is that parents often do not have the knowledge or insight to deal with such changes and can often divide families and push their own children right out the door.

Laurie Collins, a school counselor for Coffenberry Junior High in Myrtle Creek agreed to sit down with me and discuss her views on adolescent girls, risks of going through this stage in our community and her...

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