Education Interview

Topics: Teacher, Education, Special education Pages: 1 (617 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Sade Caleb
Dr. Kessler
29 October 2014
While interviewing a middle school special education teacher I learn a lot. Even though Ms. Clauss was born into a family of teachers her inspiration came from one of her former high school teachers. This excited me because that’s what inspired me. Even though her mom and dad were teachers she looked at her teacher as an inspiration outside of what she already knew. She went to chestnut hill all four years to receive her bachelors then attended Cabrini for her masters. Working with someone higher isn’t that bad according to Ms. Clauss. “I don’t mind having a boss most of the time it is very helpful. She is very respectful and honoring of our opinions and thoughts on the classroom.” This was very interesting because I really would have never thought that she would like having a boss. Now looking back on it that is very true not all bosses are out to get you. Some of them really do want to see you succeed and be better each and every day. “My co-workers are a joy bunch of teachers that I love working with every day”. She went on to say that they are not only her co-workers they are her friends and family. That means a lot to me because I love being in a friendly environment and being able to be around people that build me up. “My students inspire me the most while having this job.” Students are the main reason teachers are teachers in my opinion so why wouldn’t they be Ms. Clauss inspiration. “My students cheer me up when I feel like I have no more to give.” This quote really opened my eyes because no matter how bad the kids can be sometimes other times they can cheer you up. I would have to agree with Ms. Clauss because in my classroom students are my inspiration too. Teaching is a very joyful profession. “Being a teacher what brings joy to my students is what brings joy to me”. It is very safe to say that Ms. Clauss has a lot of unconditional love for her students. Teaching is not just a fun profession....
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