education inequality

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Education Inequality
What makes some students successful and others don’t? Many people would answer that the students who put more effort in their studies are those who have bright future. High achieving students have many advantages to their peers who put less effort in academics. Some people are restricted getting good quality education due to the lack of money and race issues. Whatever may be the reason of education inequality between students, it is a global problem and it needs to be fixed. Today, in order for people to get the dream job that they want, they need to finish college. Most universities are looking for high achieving students because they want people that can handle many critical tasks and capable of becoming future leaders. Employers would also prefer to hire the people who have college degrees and those who worked hard to get good grades. Some students may have developed the skills to be good at something early in their life but others don’t. Other students do poorly and unable to do multiple tasks successfully. Sometimes this is because the student is lazy, undisciplined, has a poor attitude, no motivation, and lack of intelligence. Whatever the cause of why some students do poor in academics, they need to identify and correct their problems or seek for guidance as soon as possible. The job of a student is to absorb every word what his or her professor says. There are many obstacles that would prevent a student from learning like skipping classes, not setting clear goals, laughing and talking while the teacher is discussing, arriving late and leaving early, not taking important notes, not asking questions to clarify something and poor organization. Students are expected to perform at their best, being physically and emotionally healthy and getting enough sleep helps students to be more participative in class. The quality of education is important because of all the advantages that it gives. Some people are fortunate that they can...
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