Education in Singapore

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AQ Exercise (Education in Singapore)

Friedman and Mandelbaum have proposed that education, especially in the form of improving on “math, science, reading and creativity”, is the “key determinant” to America’s economic growth, and therefore national power, influence and well-being. This clearly states how the authors feel that education is important, if not the most pertinent factor, in deciding the fate of America in the 21st century. This is due to the fact that education will lead to a general improvement in the quality of the average American worker, therefore an increase in the demand of his services. This almost guarantees better jobs for Americans, and with that both financial security, and an improvement in individual well-being. This will lead to increased national power and influence, as it will ensure that America has the capital to obtain the latest technology for warfare, as well as being able to impose its will on other nations. On top of that, no country will dare to attack the US if it seems to be so strong, ensuring its position as an international superpower. This is also very relevant to Singapore, especially since our only natural resource would be her people, and therefore the impact of the educational standards of her people will be magnified as compared to other nations. Especially due to globalization, we now have to compete on the world stage, and that is why the Government has emphasized on the importance of learning relevant skills for today’s workforce. For example, the bilingual policy that was adopted in 1966 was done in the context of the demand for bilingual middlemen, a connection between the East and West, along with a few other reasons such as maintaining peace in the multi-ethnic society. Singapore trained her people to take advantage of this, and therefore we can now see the economic prosperity that it was brought us, as well as our success as a unique cosmopolitan society. Secondly, they also state that education is no...
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