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Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Ahad Alsukhaiber
Writing 6
Ms. LeAnn Stocks
Differences between KSA and USA Schools
Since we moved to America in December 2011, my young brother Faisal went to high school and in the beginning he didn’t want to go to the school because he used to his school in Saudi Arabia also the school’s roles in USA is different than KSA. Each country has their own technique of educate people. KSA schools are different from USA schools in many ways such as the educational systems, schools regarding gender, and schools uniforms. First, educational system is various from country to another. in every school in USA they don't have specific books but they teach the same subjects in every school while in KSA the ministry of education send every semester the books to each and every student allover KSA and it's free. Also, Subjects are different in both countries. Students study some different subjects. For example, American students studies music while Saudi student do not for some religion concepts. In fact, the religion in Saudi Arabia is the main subject of education to be taught. Education in the USA is not focused on religion but there are some schools which may offer religion subjects .In addition, girls in Saudi Arabia don't study sports, but in USA they do. In the USA, school attendance is mandatory, in KSA we don't have this role, but nowadays, all the parents want their child to be educated. To conclude, education system is different in Saudi Arabia than America. Second, schools in Saudi Arabia are separated by genders. Girls have their own school which is different from the boy’s school, because Islamic religion requires that. Therefore, the teachers in each school have the same gender. Also, the ministry of education has separate gender to deal with every school. For example, my mother was teaching Arabic language for twenty years and before she retired, went to the female section in the ministry of education to complete her procedures for the...
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