Education in Ghana

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Ghana’s educational system has been hit with series of reforms for the past decade, it is quite obvious that most of them are concerned with the duration (the year interval). Various political parties has added them to their manifestos, preaching it to its masses without thinking about the educational structure itself. One may ask whether these political parties would do as they say, but this has been the tradition since time immemorial. Even the two vibrant political parties in Ghana (NPP, NDC) tried to have a touch on it but the problem still exist. (Sitation)

In most cases the curriculum reforms is done to keep pace with modern trends, which are normally influenced by the government of the day. Thus these are done according to how the political party in power wish to change the educational system without seeking advice or involving educators on ground (teachers) who are one of the implementer of the curriculum.

With regard to tertiary institutions, reforms are done by its board of directors and also according to the aims of the particular institution. The secret is that out of these reforms, there exist some problems.

The unemployment rate in the country is quite devastating, many graduate finish their education in the quest to get a well-paid job to do in order to cater for themselves and their families without thinking about creating jobs on their own. Does that mean Ghanaians are not creative enough to create their own jobs, the environment they find themselves, poor education system, poor leadership or laziness on the part of the youth?

I will dispute the fact that Ghanaian are not creative, because a quite number of Ghanaians have been able to make it to the top. So this gives us the hope that Ghanaians are there in terms of creativity. Then what might be the cause?

I think our education system needs to be looked at, in most cases graduates (students) are unable to practicalise what they learn in terms of creating job...
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