Education in Bangladesh

Topics: Education, Higher education, School Pages: 3 (716 words) Published: April 13, 2011
Education in Bangladesh is basically state financed. However, government depend heavily on external aid for financing the educational sector. Government allocate fund for the education sector out of its revenue expenditure & development expenditure. Revenue expenditure on educational sector has gradually increased over the year but development expenditure fluctuated. Revenue expenditure on primary and secondary education also constitute major portion of revenue expenditure and it was consistent over year. Development expenditure on primary and secondary education also constitute major portion of development expenditure however it was not consistent over year. Expenditure on technical and higher education is not significant. Development expenditure on primary education are spent largely on building infrastructure whereas revenue expenditure are spent on teacher’s salary, grants stipend, etc. Significant improvement has been achieved in terms of access to the primary education system. This has been possible because of several reason as example rapid growth in primary institution introduction of “Food for education” stipend for poor etc. there has been also significant improvement achieved in no of enrollment in primary education. But there is lack in quality education. According to survey percentage of student satisfying min levels on all form that is reading, writing, numeracy, and life skill, is very poor. High teacher student ratio, lack of training for teacher and poor are main reasons for that. No of enroll in secondary education has also increased over the year. However according to UNDP the importance in access to secondary education has been inequitable. It has been observed that in some areas there are more than required secondary school whereas in other area there is shortage. Quality of secondary education is also questionable. The system of S.S.C examination has been criticizes. High failure rate in math and English also questioned the...
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