Education Improvements

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Elementary Education Improvement

It is necessary for individuals to increase knowledge throughout our lives and the purpose of education is to learn how to learn. Without the ability to learn how to learn it would limit an individual’s success in their career and personal life. The beginning of a good educational foundation starts in elementary school years. Over the past few centuries’ elementary education has improved, creating a friendly environment while fostering the mental growth of children.

A school is where children go to learn. A man once realized writing and reading skills couldn’t be taught without educated people and a place to go to, so a place was dedicated entirely to learning. along with schooling came educated individuals known as teachers. Right after school was originated it followed into the Ancient Greece time period and then into the middle ages. After the middles ages it moved to the Renaissance after that was reformation, then the 17th and 18th century in Europe. Then education continued into Colonial America, then 19th century Europe, and then finally into 19th century America. During every time period education kept improving with aspects such as technology.

Elementary school started as a one room school house, with grades K through 12 with only one teacher to rely on to teach all the skills needed for each individual child. This caused each child to not learn to his or her full ability and also put more stress onto the one teacher. When Elementary school was first introduced there were no forms of technology, which was a downside. Slowly more advanced things were being created, such as the typewriter; this gave children the ability to type instead of free hand writing. Although technology has a huge impact on helping students learn, technology also could harm the children’s ability’s. Centuries ago students didn’t rely solely on technology to do everything for them so they needed to have basic skills. Back then Students...
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