Topics: Education, Learning, Multiple choice Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: March 18, 2014
ICT had had a major impact on education in today’s society. This has had an impact on how people study and how it may have improved the way people learn through ICT. It is generally said that ICT can empower learners and teachers, promote change and also increase individual skills through ICT. It will help transforming teaching and learning processes from being highly teacher-dominated to student-centered, and this transformation will result in increased learning gains for students, creating and allowing learners to develop their creativity, informational reasoning skills, communication skills, and mainly ICT skills such as using word processing, educational software’s that help to develop the individual’s skills through ICT. This can be linked to the future as there will be more job opportunities if people have the necessary skills for ICT and this means people will be more successful. Most jobs today require some use of ICT skills as almost every task is done on the computer through ICT and this can be very important on improving people’s learning making it very easy for individual as well as learning key information in a different way which may help to learn things very quickly. It has been said that student performance has improved when it comes to test taking when using ICT, especially in multiple choice questions. An important aspect that is lead to the dramatic change of more learners using ICT is the use of the internet in schools to conduct and evaluate research. This means mainly pupils can research something to do with their current studies or knowing additional information about something that may be interesting for themselves; this helps pupils with their learning as well and allows pupils with additional and interesting facts which may lead to future plans about what they might want to do when they grow up. ICT has provided access to the internet by which a lot of information can be seen and researched that will help understanding of concepts and...
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