Education Fair

Topics: University, Busan, Student Pages: 1 (426 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Kolese Gonzaga held an event called Education Fair. That event took place on Saturday and Sunday, 29 – 30 October 2011. I was there on both days. There are a lot of universities that promote their campus with many benefits and facilities. On the first day, Edu fair began with an opening with many apperances from “Kolese Gonzaga” and “Seminari Wacana Bakti”. Such as band performance, traditional Bali dance, musicalitation from poem into a song, and many more. When Father Koko was hitting the gong, it meant that Edu Fair officially opened. On that day, I didn’t visit much universities because i was too busy to helping consumption team distributed lunch for the participant from the univerity and for the crews. I also recieved benefit with the free charge lunch who given by my teachers. But after that i had a little time to visit some stand of University, which were near me. First i went to stand of Kyungsung University. They offered me a scholarship program to study in Nam-Gu Busan, Republic of Korea. Then i visited stand of JASSO, Japan Student Services Organization which will give us the best service to study in Japan country. They’ll prepare class information for the students of Japan. Give the handbook for students freely. Will ensure that students are active as the sources or speaks interpreter for university in Indonesia. On the next day or maybe we can say “the last day”, I came again to Education Fair Kolese Gonzaga, but along with both of my parents. I wasn’t too much help consumption team, so i used that time to took around the Education Fair with my parents. First i joined the presentation of Tarumanegara University. The promote man explained us about the majors at the university. I thought Tarumanegara University has the most majors from university in Jakarta, there are approximately 27 majors. Then i went to Swiss-German university who has great bussines school and the only one university who has major of food technology. I was coming too to...
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