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Education: Bachelor's Degree and English Course

By wangjiaheng Aug 15, 2013 572 Words
1. 你父母的姓名,生日?
Please state your parents’ names, and their date of birth. My dad is Zhanghulin. He birthed in 1959.2.15
My mom is Zhangqiuxiang. She birthed in 1963.8.1
My dad is Wangyufu. He birthed in 1959.2.15
My mom is Zuoshuhua. She birthed in 1963.8.1

2. 你父母的职业,收入?
What do your parents do? How much money they can earn per year? My parents are working in a coal corporation in China. They can earn 400 thousand Yuan per year. 3. 谁将负责你在英国的花费?
Who will support your study in UK?
My parents pay for part of my expenditure in UK, I also have some saving. 4. 你父母为你的学习准备了多少钱?
How much money have you prepared for your study?
500 thousand Yuan.
5. 你语言课的学费和硕士课程的学费分别是多少? How much is the tuition fee for your English course and your master course? The tuition fee of my English course is
That of my master course is
6. 为什么要选择英国留学?
Why do you choose UK to study?
Uk has colorful culture and beautiful nature senery. And its education is very good. 7. 为什么要选择这个学校?
Why do you choose INTO UEA to study the English course?
I think that the INTO UEA can promote my English level.
8. 你去英国干什么?
What are you going to do in the UK?
I want to study in Newcastle University for my master degree. 9. 你打算去英国哪个学校读书?
Which university are you going to study in the UK?
Newcastle university.
10. 你打算在英国待多长时间?
How long will you stay in the UK?
1 year / as soon as I get my degree , I will be back.
11. 学校的在哪?学校的地址?
Where is the university?
Newcastle ...
12. 你学习的课程名称是什么?
What are you going to study?
International Marketing.
13. 课程的长度是多少?
Please state the length of the course?
1 year
14. 开课日期和结课日期是多少?
What is the start date and finish date for the course?

15. 课时是多少?
How many hours per week?

16. 具体的课程设置是什么?
What will you learn for your course? What is the specific curriculum?

17. 你学习这个课程的目的是什么?
What is your purpose to study this course?

18. 你怎么了解到的这个学校?
How do you know this university?

19. 6月到9月你打算干什么?
What will you do between June to September?

20. 你什么时候毕业的?
When did you graduate from your university?

21. 毕业后到现在你在干什么?
What did you do after you graduated from the university?
After I graduated from university, I worked in Beijing university of post and telecommunication and prepared the Newcastle University application. 22. 毕业之后为什么要去英国读语言?
Why do you want to study English course in the UK after graduation? I think I can
23. 语言课程读完之后干什么?
What will you do after you finish the English course?

24. 硕士课程的名称是什么?
What is your master course?

25. 硕士课程的开课日期和结课日期是什么? What is the start date and finish date for the master course?

26. 硕士课程的课程设置是什么?
What will you learn for your master course? What is the specific curriculum?

27. 上次为什么撤签?
Why did you withdraw your visa last time?

28. 为什么要改变你的学习计划?
Why did you change your study plan?

29. 在英国读完课程后你打算干什么?
What are you going to do after you graduate from the university?

30. 毕业后你打算在哪工作?为什么?
Where would you like to work? China or UK? Why?
31. 未来你有什么工作打算?
What are you planning to do in the future?

32. 你哪年在哪个学校获得的学士学位?
When/where did you get your Bachelor degree?
I got my bachelor degree in century college of Beijing university of post and telecommunication. 33. 本科的专业是什么?
What is your major?
My major is computer science and technology.
34. 你两次雅思考试的时间,分数分别是多少? Please state the exam date and scores for your two IELTS exams.

4.27 6

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