education as a social institution

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Reflection on Education as a social institution
Learning about education’s functions as a social institution was very interesting to me. I learned a useful amount of information on the importance of education as I studied this chapter. I’ve always thought of education as an important aspect to society, but never realized its true significance.

If you think about it, we would not get very far in life if we didn’t have education social institutions. It’s understandable that obviously earlier societies did it before education became a social institution. Although today we learn basic but important things we need to know in order to be accepted in society. Through education social institutions we learn to read, write, and speak; these seemingly simple tasks are tasks we need for just about any occupation today.

Education as a social institution affects me every school day. On my academic days I take part in education as the student, while on tech days I take part in education as the teacher. I really like the teaching style in the United States; also I enjoyed learning about the different teaching styles used in other parts of the world. Japan’s teaching style was very intriguing to me. I believe the U.S. would benefit immensely from taking principles from Japan into our educational social institutions. I was fascinated with the solidarity with the group that is stressed in Japan’s education system. I’m impressed with how much responsibility the Japanese children have, and would really like to see our younger generations grow up to be like that too.

As a teacher, the rising problems in U.S. education worry me as I think about future generations. I feel that mediocrity is mediocre. I strongly believe that students should work hard for their grades, and not get them handed to them by lowering the passing grade. If we continue to lower the grades our population will become less educated. I am also concerned about the violence in our schools today. Safety...
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