Education and Youths

Topics: Education, Morality, Teacher Pages: 2 (837 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Once there was a time when we used to regard our parents and teachers with awe. The question of retaliation when scolded by our parents or elders never arises in our minds. We used to greet our elders, parents and teachers with love and humbleness. Now, gone are those days. Youths of today lack manners and discipline. They raise their voice and retaliate when scolded by their parents and teachers. They too greet their teachers but in an unruly way- like hi, hello, hay etc.. etc. Some of them greet their teachers even with punches or stones( ha..ha..ha) . What I mean to say is that they retaliate or even try to take revenge if they are punished by their teachers. Like for example, a few years back, there was a lot of hue and cry about a case involving some students beating their teacher on some matter. So, such cases of indiscipline among youths are increasing day by day. Its true that youths are a reckless lots- always wanting to experiment new things, taste new things. There is hot blood running in them. But even then, we can’t keep them running wild or leave them to mend their ways by themselves. They need a firm grip or hold, a brake type. And this is possible only by imbibing moral or value education- which is very much lacking in our present scenario. If we were to ask a student, what is meant by value education, we won’t get an appropriate answer. Its because they haven’t received moral or value education in a proper manner. In some schools, the subject moral science is there. But the way it has been taught – just as a light subject-question and answer type- the whole approach is not right. Teachers and students, both, take the subject lightly as it is not included in the board exam. But no one has considered the importance and value of this subject- how it will help a student, or an individual for that matter, in the long run. Value education will be the brake that is very much needed to control the youths or it serve as a steering wheel which...
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