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Education and Teacher

By hungthiec123 Feb 27, 2014 582 Words

Factors that make a class productive and enjoyable
Rogers is one of the most wonderful person that I have ever met before. He taught me at historical class when I was in middle school. It has been a long time, but I still remember clearly about what he had taught me. During his class time, everyone always focused, enjoyed studying a lot because Rogers was such an informative, fascinated teacher and he knew how to control our class pretty well. Indeed, a class can be productive and enjoyable or not, it depends on a teacher which has to have some main factors such as a persuasive knowledge, an empathy and a passion. First of all, a persuasive knowledge is a fundamental factor for a teacher because it is willing to help to crap an attention of students. When a class has a teacher which has an inspiriting and persuasive information, students often become active and have more focus on studying than who do not have. Students are fascinated and their curiosity was flourished that make them want to learn more. As for me, learning English’s idiom and advance vocabulary usually takes an hour. However, when I met my teacher, I was inspirited and knew many good ways to learn. Tom always tells a story, a funny joke or he prefers to use body languages to explain, so my friends and I can remember about the lesson right away. Furthermore, an empathy is also an essential factor since it supports teachers know more about their students. Teachers who have an empathy is a person can understand and share their student’s experiences or emotions. When a teacher is friendly, easy to talk to or understand their students, students might feel comfortable, less stress about learning. When a relationship between a teacher and students is reduced, an empathy teacher can be able to have more chances to consider choosing a suitable way to teach. Every single students have their own styles and ways to learn such as they may be a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic person. In fact, the earliest teachers and students can understand each other, the more benefits they will get. In addition, a passion is still the most important factor for a teacher. Every students are able to see a passion of a teacher through their work hard. For example, a teacher who has a passion usually tries to teach perfectly or when they teach about new subjects that are over their major, they might look for more information to help their students gain and know more subjects. A teacher who has a passion must truly love their work and be willing to share this passion to their students. For example, I remember when I was in high school, studying math was hard for my friend. She was not able to study geometry and hardly found a teacher to help her because studying geometry needs a good understanding from the beginning. One day, she was lucky and met Steve Trudell who was teaching math. During one year, Steve helped her to improve her mathematic skill every day without being abominable. In conclusion, a teacher who has a persuasive knowledge, an empathy and a passion is essential for a class and students. When students have a teacher who has those good factors, they are able to become a successful student easier for sure in the future. (Author: Hung Nguyen / Thank you for reading my essay. I love to hear you commend)

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