Education and Successful Student

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How to write a SpeechHere are some guidelines you should follow when giving a speech or a talk.Let’s look at a sample question:You recently won the ‘Best Student Award’ in your school. You have been asked to give a talk during assembly to share tips with the other students on what they need to do so that they too can become successful students.Use the following notes to write your speech.

set goals
be motivated
pay attention
ask questions
be organised
complete homework on time
prepare well for exams
take part in co-curricular activities
obey school rules
respect everyone
wasting time
skipping school

When writing your speech, you should remember to:
address your audience
state the purpose of the speech
use all the points given
end your speech appropriately
Introductory Paragraph:
1. address your audience
2. introduce yourself
3. state the purpose of your speech

Second Paragraph
1. point 1 (set goals)
2. point 2 (be motivated)
3. point 3 (pay attention)
4. point 4 (ask questions)

Third Paragraph
1. point 5 (be organised)
2. point 6(complete homework on time)
3. point 7 (prepare well for exams)

Fourth Paragraph
1. point 8 (take part in co-curricular activities)
2. point 9 (obey school rules)

Fifth Paragraph
1. point 10 (respect everyone)

Sixth Paragraph
1. point 11 (avoid wasting time)
2. point 12 (avoid skipping school)

Final Paragraph
1. conclude appropriately

Here is a sample answer.

A very good morning to our beloved principal, Pn Laila Mohd Noor, senior assistants, teachers and friends. On this glorious morning, I, Gary Tan the recipient of this year’s “Best Student Award” am going to give a talk on “How to Become a Successful Student”. In my speech, I am going to share with you some tips on how you can be a successful student.If you want to be successful, you must set goals. Research shows that people who set goals accomplish more than those who do not. In...
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