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“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela. Education is something that is very helpful in developing a country. Citizens of the nation need to learn their way to development. Education is the united concern of a people for the right upbringing of its children and the improvement of its national life. Cambridge Conference on African Education (1952). Cermin (1978) as cited in Owolabi (1987) also defines education as the deliberate systematic and sustained effort to transmit, evoke or acquire knowledge, attitudes and values, skills and sensibilities and any learning that results from the effort, direct or indirect, intended or unintended. There are a lot of positive aspects that help with the relationship between education and national development.

To begin with, Education motivates people for change. Education is something that not only affects a society but also an individual and their behaviors. It helps in bringing social change by breaking social taboos, old traditions and superstitions. Therefore shaping people in the workforce that help to make the future of the nation better. Having an educated country can help to keep the society under control. Furthermore, it also helps in increasing production by evolving new methods and techniques by training people in different skills and by implementing these methods in our own institutions and conditions. Education also converts human resources into human capital. It helps in the development of skilled manpower. This prepares manpower to work in different fields through proper training and education. Education does not only make people mobile but provides job opportunities in different places and areas.

Moreover, education provides a nation with Improved Health system and a healthy population. With education, people are better prepared to prevent disease and to use health services effectively. For example, young people who have completed primary education are less...

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