Education and Immersion

Topics: Education, Learning, Sociology Pages: 3 (648 words) Published: April 8, 2013

1. What initial expectations did you have before you went through with the immersion?

I expect that our group would teach a lot of students and have fun during the immersion days. I also expect that the children would have a great time with us and learn something from what will our group

2. How do you feel after going through the immersion process? Explain.

I felt happy and proud because in that kind of experience, I learned how to socialize with other people and contribute to our group by following the assigned task for me.

3. What particular events/experiences in the community immersion that struck you most?

The particular experience that struck me most in the immersion is the traveling going to the venue because it is too far.

4. Who were the most significant persons you met in your community immersion? Why were they significant? What values/attributes did these persons possess?

The significant persons I met in the community immersion is Sir Marvin because he thought us on how are we going to teach the students with his good suggestions and comments. By listening to him, we learned to cooperate and work as a group in order to attain our goal to make the class fun and memorable. The attribute that Sir Marvin possesses is that he is a good leader to us. He showed us the right way on how we can teach the children better and guide us on how we can handle them properly.

5. Cite the problems/difficulties you encountered in your community immersion

The problem that I encountered in the immersion is traveling going to the venue. It is too early in the morning and too far from our house that is why it is hard for me to go there that early.

6. How did you deal with the problem?

I woke up early so that I will not be late and told my group mates that I am not sure that I will be there early as them but...
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