Education and Homework

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Persuasive Essay
Some of the parents at your school have started a campaign to limit the homework that teachers can assign to students. Teachers at your school have an argued that homework is necessary. What is your opinion?

Students are the future of a nation. They need to prepare for their future, from the beginning of the student life. Yes. Homework is good. Homework is a great way to help students to be better. Homework is the solution to higher test scores. Also it helps students to get chance in a good college. Homework does teach kids responsibility and good study habits. If students don't succeed, the school faces penalties. You can truly learn something is by practice. The best practice is homework. Without homework it’s almost impossible to try and learn anything. From homework you learned something can be on your test. If you don’t do your homework your test score should go down. Many parents want their children to be able to get into the nation's best colleges and universities. These parents believe homework is a way to ensure students are learning at their full capacity. Also having homework is essential to being a successful student. Colleges always look for those students who are best and perfect. So it is necessary for students to complete the homework. Too much of anything can be harmful. High amount of homework creates stress. Homework also denies students of sports and social activity. The student has already been exercising his or her brain all day at school. All teachers give homework from six to seven classes, and it makes a lot. Students need time to digest the material, not do busy work at home. After school students just want to go home, relax, and be a kid! Sometimes high amount of home work affect on students mind. Together parents and teachers should continue to collaborate on providing the best homework opportunities and the most supportive learning environments for the students. Homework helps students to keep practicing,...
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