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Education and Elizabeth Murray

By dpmarino1 Oct 14, 2012 374 Words
Daniel Marino

Professor Moser

English I

12 September, 2012

Homeless to Harvard Questions

While some kids don’t always like what mom or dad is cooking for dinner, they

don’t have to worry about where to find their next meal. Elizabeth Murray went through

an extremely hard struggle in her life. Elizabeth Murray didn’t graduate college. She went

to college in Harvard, and was receiving $12,000 a year. Elizabeth Murray left Harvard in

the Spring of 2003. Elizabeth isn’t sure what she wants to major in, but plans on pursuing

theater, film and literature.

Elizabeth Murray is currently working at the New York Times and they offered

her work for the summer. She continues to pursue her college education. She withdrew

from Harvard a year after her first semester. Yet again, she withdrew a second time, and

presumably the last time. It’s interesting to me that she didn’t complete college. I believe

she will eventually finish her degree.

The name of Elizabeth Murray’s sister is Lisa Murray. Lisa was born in 1977. She

was also homeless for a significant amount of time. It doesn’t state exactly how long she

was homeless for. Lisa graduated from Purchase College in New York State. She is now a

schoolteacher, and teaching autistic children.

The name of the school that Elizabeth Murray first attended when she decided to

Return to school was called the Humanities Preparatory Academy, or Prep. She got

influenced by her friend to go to this school. She told Liz that the teachers are great. Liz

met Perry Weiner. Perry Weiner was the founder of the Humanities Preparatory

Academy. Perry Weiner gave Liz Murray a chance she could never pass up. He helped

push her to attend Harvard University.

In conclusion, I believe a teacher would show this story of Elizabeth Murray to

a class of students because it’s extremely inspirational. It makes you realize theirs no

excuses in life. I believe that the world is yours, and it’s your decision on whether or

not you want to be successful or not. Liz Murray is a strong, dedicated, and intelligent

person that inspires me today.

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Corpe., Thomas M. "Elizabeth Murray." Elizabeth Murray. New York Times, 08 Mar. 2012. Web. 17 Sept. 2012. .

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