Education and Development

Topics: Millennium Development Goals, Poverty, United Nations Pages: 6 (2157 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Once the Greek philosopher Aristotle said,” the natural purpose of education is for the attainment of good life or the enrichment of the quality of life and that the state was there for the promotion of good life for its citizens”. It means that states should promote the good life that education is aimed at, therefore states should have the responsibility of providing education for its citizens. That is, Aristotle says that states should promote education, which will result in the promotion of the quality of life. In this report, the researcher will discuss why we can say “education promotes the quality of life” and how state/government should promote education in order to enrich the quality of life. The researcher considers the promotion of the quality of life which Aristotle mentions as a development. It is because, under situation of poverty, it is said that lives are battered, happiness stifled, creativity destroyed, freedoms eradicated by misfortunes of poverty. (Oxfam2008:xiii) (though we have to see poverty as unfreedoms of various sorts.) Therefore, the promotion of quality of life which states should aim at should be the development/reduction of poverty. According to Aristotle, the promotion of good life (reduction of poverty/ development) is attained by education. Then is it true? From below, we will discuss that matter. To find out the answer to the question, first of all, looking at the present situation of poverty in the world, we will find what situation that should be changed by education, what quality of life should be changed by education in the 1st paragraph. And then, we will discuss what is development, where the quality of life should go, in the 2nd paragraph. In that paragraph, we will find that development is best achieved through a combination of active citizens, which suggested that education promotes development. In the 3rd paragraph, we find evidence that education promotes development by looking at many scholars saying so. And finally, we will discuss how states should actually promote education for its citizen’s quality of life.

1. The present situation of poverty (concerned by education) Two-thirds of the world’s population is the poor. These poor are the vast majority, but, not all, of the population of developing countries. Many of them are inadequately fed and housed, in poor health, and illiterate. A careful estimate of international protein and calorie distribution indicates that about 1.4 billion of the world’s 5.8 billion people are under nourished. (Nafziger 1997:3) People living in poverty certainly lack opportunities such as access to decent education, health care, water, and sanitation, and assistance to help them cope with the shocks of everyday life. (Oxfam 2008:11) Poor people don’t have power over their own destinies and over the factors that influence them, such as party politics, the justice system, and the markets for land, labor, and goods and services. There are 30 million fewer children of primary school age out of school now, but more than 70 million still do not receive an education, 57 percent of them are girls (Oxfam 2008:9) When looking at Africa, although primary schools are numerous in Africa, and can be found anywhere in the remort areas, most often they are characterized by inadequate resources in terms of teachers and funds to run them. (Safuli2013) Where primary school exists, they often lack intellectual material and material equipment. (Safuli2013) Attendance is irregular and tends to fall off the children grow older.(Safuli2013) On average, 50 percent children leave primary school before completing the course.(Safuli2013)

2. What is the development?
According to Kevin Watkins (2000), development is a form of society in which certain conditions prevail for human beings: such conditions are: Safety: when the society generally non violent, and that individuals are protested from victimization by the state or the police or each other. Sufficiently: is...
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