Education and Curriculum Design Terminologies

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Subject-Centered Curriculum Design
Curriculum- Planned and guided learning experiences and intended learning outcomes formulated through the systemic reconstruction of knowledge and experiences, under the auspices of the school for the learner’s continuous and willful growth in personal social competence. Design-the arrangement of the elements of a curriculum into a substantive entity.

Subject-Centered Design Model
Focuses on the content of the Curriculum
Corresponds to textbooks for a specific subject
Main Objectives:
1. Transfer of cultural heritage
2. To represent knowledge
3. To impart ideas
What are the Basic Types of Subject-Centered Curriculum:
1. Subject design
Easy to deliver
Learning is compartmentalized
Oldest form of teaching most familiar to teachers and laymen Offers one subject at a time
Old method of teaching/traditional way
Plainly entertain thoughts from textbooks specific point of view. Ex:
Filipino, Math, English etc., for 45 minutes daily.
Emphasis on verbal activities
Introduces students to the essential knowledge of the society Easy to deliver
Disempowers students
Compartmentalizes the subjects
Neglects students’ needs, interest and experiences
Fosters passivity

2. Discipline design
Focuses on academic discipline
Often used in college level not on the elementary and secondary levels. Also called as “Degree Program”
It already has goals and background it becomes helpful to students to see what to accomplish on the entire program It shows examples of how student may choose to fulfill the program requirements in 4yrs. Ex:

TFN, Community Health Nsg., Maternal and Pediatric Nsg., Nursing Care Management subjects from 100-107-B, Nursing Research I & II, Competency Appraisal. Advantages:
Students attain mastery of the content and may develop independent learning skills Subjects can be taught at any stage as long as you passed the pre requisites...
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