Education and Communication

Topics: Language, Translation, Second language Pages: 4 (1682 words) Published: February 11, 2007
People use their languages to communicate, negotiate and express their feelings with others. Languages of individuals are elements of culture that contribute to every aspect of their relationships. People represent and idetify themselves through their languages and find what they will recreate themsleves through their languages. For people who can speak other than their first languages, they choose their languages to convey their thoughts or feelings depending on audiences who they communicate and negotiate. People rememeber what language to use from their histories or memories, which are their abilities to remember things from the past. ¡°Monkey Bridge¡± by Lan Cao, ¡°Mother Tongue¡± by Amy Tan, and ¡°Lost in Translation¡± by Eva Hoffman show how they negotiate with their uses of language and determine the boundaries of memory and history. Perception of language gives ability to identify individual, to determine the boundaries of the memory and the history, and to make sense of identity that will recreate. Therefore, people should care their history along with their memory to communicate and to negotiate with others using proper language. People are able to find their identities when they speak a language. Because people tend to communicate with others, they use right language that conveys their way of thinking. People recognize what they truly are and where they stand for when they speak a language. According to ¡°Monkey Bridge¡±, Lan Cao depicts how languages can be connected with history and how it can distinguish people¡¯s identities. Mai shows her position as an "outsider with inside information" (212) affords her some critical distance from both American depiction of the Vietnamese and the traditions and habits of Little Saigon. Mai finds herself by generational division and cultural distance offers the mother some comfort that her family karma may finally be escaped. From ¡°Mother Tongue¡±, Amy Tan quotes, ¡°I had to get on the phone and say in an...
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