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1. What is the purpose of education? To transmit culture? To provide social and economic skills? To develop critical thinking skills? To reform society?  
I think that the purpose of education is to get the children ready for real life, and provide them the learning skills, and abilities that they will need. 2. What are schools for? To teach skills and subjects? To encourage personal self-definition? To develop human intelligence? To create patriotic, economically productive citizens?

Schools’ purposes are major in every culture all around the world. In my eyes, schools are to educate the general public, young or old for survival in the next chapter in their life, a degree. They are taught the basic skills and subjects to maneuver on to college, or to start life. After the basics, they are taught more in depth skills and subjects. Schools aren’t good just for that. In schools children also gain life long friends, experiences and learn the social skills they need in life.

3. What should the curriculum contain? Basic skills and subjects? Experiences and projects? Inquiry processes? Critical dialogues?

The curriculum should contain all basic skills and subjects, math, reading, language, writing, science, and geography. Then on a second level, to test the knowledge, and for student’s to learn from other students, projects should come in. As for experiences, I think that students that can relate, should share their experiences. It helps other students gain incite on another way something can happen; also it helps them understand more.  

4. What should the relationship be between teachers and students? Transmitting heritage? Teaching learning skills and subjects? Examining great ideas? Encouraging self-expression? Constructing knowledge? Solving problems?  

 The relationship between teachers and students should be more then just an authority figure. It should be on a friend level. But not too much. Just enough for comfort. I think teaching learning skills and subjects are priorities, as well as examining ideas. Self-expression should be encouraged.

5. When you have completed the above questions, review Chapter 4 and determine the type(s) of philosophy that your personal statements reflect.  Include why you chose each philosophy.

Dewey’s pioneer- Schooling that emphasizes problem solving and activities in a context of community. Making an doing ;history and geography; science ;problems.

Montessori’s pioneer - Wide range of practical skills for life in urban centers, along with arts and sciences, and problem solving. Spontaneous learning; activities; practical, sensory, and formal skills; exercises for practical life.

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