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What is a school and what is it for?
1. Distinguish between education and schooling.
Answer: Education is a process of human growth by which one gains greater understanding and control over oneself and one’s world. It involves our minds, our bodies, and our relations with the people and the world around us. Education is also characterized by continuous development and change. The end product of the process of education is learning. Schooling is a specific, formalized process, usually focused on the young, and whose general pattern traditionally has varied little from one setting to the next.

2. Describe how school function as transmitter and re-creators of culture. Answer: Teachers design the classroom so that the Americans and Hispanic cultures are honored and children learn to operate effectively in both languages. American cultures have always embraced many cultures. Nevertheless a primary responsibility of the school is to assist foreign born students in the acquisition.

3. Describe how schools can operate as vehicle for social, democratic, and economic reconstruction. Answer: Social deconstructionists – proponent of the theory of education that schools and teachers need to engage in the reconstructing and reforming of society to eradicate its ills and shortcomings. Economic reconstructionists- subscribers to an educational perspective or motivational that focuses on developing students who take critical stances toward the dominant social and economic status quo.

4. Identify the four basic purpose of school.
A. Intellectual purpose- promote academic learning,
B. Political and civic- purposes help the students to learn how to govern themselves wisely and justly. C. Economic purpose - schools will prepare students for the future. D. Social purpose- adapt to social expectations.

5. Explain why students in elementary classrooms learn to deny desire, delay gratification, cope with interruptions and work through social...
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